WSC Media Toolkit

Celebrate the Spirit of Wild salmon through the arts and culture to help nurture the creative life giving energy that wild salmon have inspired through the ages.

The collaboration and creative energy will serve to educate, inform and transform the darkness surrounding the industrial storm that is endangering wild salmon.

Ancient ceremonies and songs of Indigenous people, as well as creative expressions of visual and performing arts, music, storytelling and guest speakers will call the salmon home to the rivers and streams where they play out their lives.

We need your help to create and share media that will tell people what wild salmon mean to you and why it is important to protect them and their habitat.

Answer one or more of these questions in a short video (approx. 1.5 mintues).

1. What is your salmon story?
2. What do Wild Salmon mean to you?
3. What can we do to honour, respect and live sustainably with Wild Salmon?
4. What do Wild Salmon mean to our communities?


1. Device: Phone, computer, ipad, video camera.
2. Framing: Frame the person’s face to either side or the middle, trying to create equal amounts of space all around the head.
3. Lighting: Evening and morning light are best for shooting. You will want your subject to have their face well lit, but not squinting into the light.
4. Sound: Be aware of background noise and that the microphone is close enough to pick up your voice.
5. Test: Do a test video before your nal shoot to check lighting sound and frame.
6. Formating: The device you made your video on will automatically format for you.
7. Uploading: Attach in your email, making sure it does not exceed the attachment size limits.



1. Send your videos to our communication team at:
2. We will upload your video to our YouTube channel and our Blog. If you have any issues sending your video, please email our media team.

Your video will help increase our outreach and tell the world how important wild salmon is to us and the bears, Eagles, trees and many others!


Download a PDF of our toolkit here: WSC_Toolkit_Final

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