WSC Media Protocols

To download a PDF of this advisory click here: WSC_Media Protocol_2017

As members of the WSC 2017 media team, we are responsible for witnessing and documenting the Wild Salmon Caravan events, activities and people with the intention to tell the story of the Wild Salmon Caravan. With this comes a great responsibility to honor and respect the people, places and activities we witness.

This toolkit is meant to outline a rough guideline to create media respectfully based on a reciprocal relationship with the Indigenous communities who are hosting us on the Wild Salmon Caravan.

  1. Always be sure to introduce yourself, tell why you are filming and/or audio recording, and how it will benefit the community.
  2. Make the media accessible to the community to demonstrate an important value of reciprocity in relationships.
  3. Each individual and community we visit will have their own feelings and experiences with media. Please be aware of this and announce beforehand that you will be filming or audio recording at the event. Ask anyone who objects to participate to identify themselves, and avoid filming or photographing those individuals.
  4. Always ask permission of the parents of children, and children themselves for their consent.
  5. It is important to observe cultural and spiritual protocols in ceremonies and rituals. Most communities will not want these activities to be filmed, photographed or audio recorded. If there is an activity you are uncertain of and you feel will be of benefit to film for the Wild Salmon Caravan story, be sure to ask permission beforehand from a leader, or an Elder of the community.
  1. It is very important we know who is taking photos and videos as well as how and where they will be used. Please always be aware of outside media and ask them to identify themselves.
  2. The WSC media team will be present throughout the entire WSC journey. If your team would like to appoint a member of your regional WSC planning team to photograph or create short video clips as well, please make sure they observe the cultural and spiritual protocols and practices outlined in our Wild Salmon Caravan Video Toolkit.

Your cooperation will help us tell the story of the Wild Salmon Caravan in a deep and meaningful way of witnessing and seeing ourselves more fully in healthy relationships to one another and the wild salmon.

For further information and support, please email one the of Wild Salmon Caravan Media Team members below using the form.

In deep gratitude,

The Wild Salmon Caravan Media Team

Wilson Mendes
Murray Bush
Sharon Kravitz
Jaya Ashley
Simon Wolf
Ronnie Dean Harris
Cathy Wang


Are there media protocols we should be aware of in your community? Let us know using this form below. Thank you.



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