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A Celebration of The Spirit of Wild Salmon:  Calling out to BIPOC Artists, Matriarchs and Fisherfolks!

August 7, 2020

The Wild Salmon Caravan ‘spawned’ at the Wild Salmon Convergence in 2014, a think-tank community gathering that brought together Indigenous fisher-people, community leaders, and researchers. The purpose was to discuss issues, concerns, situations and strategies for Indigenous knowledge in wild salmon conservation that addressed the record low numbers of wild salmon returning to the Adams/Shuswap Lake Watershed to spawn. 

In the spirit of Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela who called for Rainbow Peoples to unite in a post-apartheid South Africa, as well as the Rainbow Coalitions of the 1960’s that called for revolutionary solidarity across black, brown, Indigenous and poor white communities, we invite Peoples of all colours to stand with Indigenous communities to stop the widespread destruction of wild salmon and their habitat in the forests, fields and waterways.

Following the theme of Rainbow Warriors, we call on you to join us in lively and colourful artistic and cultural expressions of our love for wild salmon in the Wild Salmon Caravan 2020 parade and art exhibit being planned at Strathcona Park on September 19, 2020. An online panel presentation on the topic of Indigenous Peoples and Wild Salmon Conservation is also being planned for September 20, 2020. The events are being planned by the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty in partnership with Vines Art Festival. 

Wild salmon are our most important Indigenous food and cultural and ecological keystone species. We hope you will join us and participate in the following ways. All events are being planned following COVID-19 safe protocols and will be livestreamed. Physical space will be limited to observe physical distancing. 

  1. Procession: If you would like to participate in the ceremonial procession (zoom accessible) on September 19th in either regalia or costume please contact Bear at. Observing COVID-19 safe protocols. 
  2. If you feel inspired to create visual, audio, wearable, or performing art please apply to Heather Lamoureux with a brief description of your idea. Everyone is invited to create art, honorariums will be offered to selected BIPOC artists.
    • We can showcase videos that are 1 – 3 minutes long 
    • We can showcase photos and visual art designs either online or in print, banners are also welcome! 

Please send your idea to Heather by August 24th. 

More info about past Salmon Caravans can be found in our online 2019 photo exhibit here:

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