Wild Salmon Caravan Logo.

We would like to publicly acknowledge and express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the communities of support that gave, so freely, countless hours of time, energy and a wealth of ideas for planning of programs and logistical coordination for the Wild Salmon Caravans.

We are especially grateful for the ancestral guidance, teachings, and the generous hospitality that was extended as we traveled through 5 Coast and Interior Salish communities in the unceded ancestral territories from the Salish Seas Corridor on our way to the Adams River/Little Shuswap Lake.

We would like to make a special mention to our funders from the First Nations Health Authority, Heritage Canada 150+, Vancouver Parks Board, Vancity, BC Teachers Federation, Brewster Kneen and all the other individuals who have donated to our crowdfunding campaigns.

The journey has been a beautiful expression of tribal values where peoples of all cultures came together to show the world how important and inspiring wild salmon are to our land and food system. We would like to give a special thank you to the many volunteers who have showed up so humbly in anonymity to be of service in this rapidly expanding social movement.


“I just want to thank you for all the organizing you did to make today’s event happen. It was the most beautiful and love filled community event I have ever experienced! I felt invigorated from it, and would love to help with organizing next year”. Nikoo Borourmand


“I came on the caravan, stunned by the level of warmth and hospitality we received from Aboriginal communities. I hadn’t ever thought of myself as a settler or colonist, but it’s clear that is what I am. The Wild Salmon helped me realize more fully how my ancestors fell on the shores and have thrived at the expense of Indigenous peoples. The experience was both shocking and wonderful experience. I feel opened up and I want more”. Martha from Solidarity Notes Choir.



Our intention to grow the WSC as a social movement, in a similar spirit as Mardi Gras, makes it impossible to mention and acknowledge everybody who gave service in the months of planning leading up to the 6 day journey. I apologize in advance for any names we have missed, but please know that our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for all the gifts you brought in body, mind, and spirit, and the beautiful expressions of love and deep and meaningful truth and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and our lands, territories and water.

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