A Celebration of The Spirit of Wild Salmon: Calling out to BIPOC Artists, Matriarchs and Fisherfolks!

August 7, 2020 The Wild Salmon Caravan ‘spawned’ at the Wild Salmon Convergence in 2014, a think-tank community gathering that brought together Indigenous fisher-people, community leaders, and researchers. The purpose was to discuss issues, concerns, situations and strategies for Indigenous knowledge in wild salmon conservation that addressed the record low numbers of wild salmon returningContinue reading “A Celebration of The Spirit of Wild Salmon: Calling out to BIPOC Artists, Matriarchs and Fisherfolks!”

20/20 Vision: Rooted in Indigenous Ecological Knowledge & Food Justice

MEDIA RELEASE                                                             January 2, 2019 As we enter 2020, we are facing a complex, tangled web of existential crises defined by climate change, capitalism and colonial rule. The Indigenous lens is ever more critical to understanding the interwoven strategies needed to untangle our children’s futures.  Centering Indigenous ecological knowledge, wisdom and values (IEK) will allowContinue reading “20/20 Vision: Rooted in Indigenous Ecological Knowledge & Food Justice”

Planning for Indigenous Social and Ecological Resilience in Times of the COVID-19 and Climate Crisis

Prepared by: Dawn Morrison, Curator, Research and Relationships Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty. May 5, 2020 The unpredictability of climate crisis (i.e. the lasting cooler temperatures throughout the spring), as well as the COVID -19 public health crisis has challenged the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty (WGIFS) – Indigenous Food and Freedom SchoolContinue reading “Planning for Indigenous Social and Ecological Resilience in Times of the COVID-19 and Climate Crisis”

Wild Salmon Caravan 2020: Rainbow Warriors

Call to Action – Join the procession and presentations via livestreaming on facebook Wild Salmon Caravan. As we are following strict COVID 19 protocols we are calling for people to join the procession and presentations ONLINE.  If you have not been personally invited to the event we ask that you join us virtually via livestreaming onContinue reading “Wild Salmon Caravan 2020: Rainbow Warriors”

Wild Salmon Caravan FB Live Streams From Vancouver 2017.

FB Live Streams Of Wild Salmon Caravan Parades We all know Facebook is a new way people express themselves and connect with people around the world. The Wild Salmon Caravan has been able to share some great views via FB Live. Here’s a couple streams from last year you will enjoy from the 2017 WildContinue reading “Wild Salmon Caravan FB Live Streams From Vancouver 2017.”

Indigenous Food Sovereignty Short Film Night

The Gathering Festival Presents: Indigenous Food Sovereignty. A Free Evening Of Short Films With Local Filmmakers + Guest Speakers. Sunday June 17, 2018| 7:30pm – 9:30pm VIFF Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver BC RESERVE TICKETS HERE Presenting: Fish Farm by Lindsey Mae Willie Indigenous Plant Diva by Kamala Todd “spiritual land claim” by Dorothy Christian AContinue reading “Indigenous Food Sovereignty Short Film Night”

Let’s Make Art With Haisla Collins!

Gathering Festival + Wild Salmon Caravan 2018 present Haisla Collins for FREE all ages workshops. Come make art, banners & salmon sticks for: Annual Gathering Festival Solstice Parade, Thursday, June 21, 2018. Wild Salmon Caravan Parade, Saturday, September 22, 2018. June 2nd, 9th & 16th from 2-5pm. The Gathering Place, 609 Helmcken Street, Vancouver BC.

Wild Salmon Caravan 2018: Calling All Artists!

Celebrating the spirit of wild salmon. Calling all Artists! Planning for the 4th Annual Wild Salmon Caravan is well underway. Help us nurture the creative life-giving energy that wild salmon have inspired through the ages. Calling all artists, organizations and diverse cultural groups to plan and host arts-build workshops. Create parade floats, regalia, costumes, bannersContinue reading “Wild Salmon Caravan 2018: Calling All Artists!”

Wild Salmon Convergence 2014

The Wild Salmon Convergence was parallel to the Salute to the Sockeye event that is being organized by the Adams River Salmon Society at Roderick Haig Brown Park. The purpose of the event was to bring people of all cultures together to appreciate the beauty and grandeur of the Sockeye Salmon run in the Adams River, and build capacityContinue reading “Wild Salmon Convergence 2014”

2018 Wild Salmon Caravan Sept. 22 – 29!

Our theme this year is mermaids! Create or facilitate art in your medium of choice, following themes that relate wild salmon to mermaids, matriarchs, water, healing, regeneration, transformation and change, sustainable energy and Indigenous food systems. We invite everyone to take part in our parades and programs in colourful, creative, cultural expressions of love forContinue reading “2018 Wild Salmon Caravan Sept. 22 – 29!”