Art Exhibit Launch

As the Co-Founder and Curator of the Wild Salmon Caravan, I am incredibly excited to launch the Online Art Exhibit that features over 20 BIPOC artists who have been inspired to create art in various mediums to express their love for wild salmon! Following the theme of Rainbow Warriors, the exhibit was co-curated in partnership with Heather Lamoreux of the Vines Festival. 

Wild salmon are our most important Indigenous food and cultural and ecological keystone species in the forests, fields and waterways where 27 Nations of Indigenous Peoples in BC have subsisted in an intimate relationship with wild salmon for thousands of years prior to colonization. 

Wild salmon need us now more than ever to come together and nurture the creative life giving energy needed to transform the darkness surrounding the industrial storm killing wild salmon. 

We are calling on the Rainbow Warriors – ‘People of all Colours’, to ‘swim with us’ in solidarity as we come together to address some of the biggest systemic injustices of the 21st century that are killing wild salmon. 

Follow us on our website and facebook page to appreciate the beauty of wild salmon and their habitat captured in the art that has inspired and so generously shared for this exhibit. 











Dawn Morrison, Secwepemc


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